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Associate/ Jr. Associate Program Overview



Ok, but what is it and how does it work? 

Definition of Associates & Structure

The current creative landscape is a race to the bottom where the creative process is being replaced with the cheapest option, anti-collaboration reigns and the individual who can “do it all” is praised. We aim to provide a path for people to be highly specialized and valued for their specialty. This landscape changes every day and we aim to disrupt the status quo to find a better solution for team members, clients, and partners.

How do we keep this talented, passionate generation from starting their “own thing”, and provide them with the security they desire? Our focus is on how to motivate, maintain and attract the best talent. We must attract and retain young entrepreneurial talent beyond salary and location – this program provides the best blend of ownership and safety. 

ENTER THE ASSOCIATE PROGRAM. Our company is structured with contractors (associates) and employees, but it is our Associate Program that is unique and addresses the aforementioned trends.

This program was born because we noticed that people want to work for themselves, have flexibility but don’t realize how hard it is to do it on their own. Suddenly creative talent has to do invoicing, accounting, client management, create processes and practice their creative skill. We created the Associate structure that empowers talented individuals to access their own networks and their own skills. We make space for them to be specialized and expand their capacity in the right areas. They have the support of the bigger GOODWORK team who handles all logistics and elevates their skills and prices. 

Associates Musts

— Have clients and usually some project management skills (clients stay with them if they ever wish to leave) 

— Be very talented and hold a high creative standard in one area (ie. photographer, videographer, social media strategist, digital advertising expert) 

— Not have a desire to do-it-all or be a one-man-marketing-swiss-army-knife

— Want to work on a team and continue to be challenged
— Not have a desire to handle their own invoicing, contracts or admin processes


— Follow the New Client Process when bringing in new work. Everything starts with a project: here is our process for bringing on a new client AKA your client 

— Execute any projects we bring you in this area: meet timelines, creative standard, and budgets

— Provide weekly project status reports at a weekly meeting with your partner mentor

— Write treatments and pitch regularly on projects 

We will partner with you to…

— Create your own portfolio website/ brand

— Create pitch decks with you for potential projects 

— Provide you with unlimited storage on our Google Drive 

— GOODWORK email addresses 

— Invoice creation 

— Client contracts - we can create all client agreements 

— Preferred rates/access - our team would be available to jump on and support/collaborate on any projects you require (production, graphic design, web design, illustration, animation, administrative, etc)

— Everything will come through GOODWORK Partners for feedback and final approval 

Payment: You will be paid monthly for what projects have been brought in, we will take a 20% fee for completing the above.

 Commonly Asked Questions 


—Why do I bring my own work? 

  • You connect with a certain client, we all connect with different people but we believe that like attracts like AKA good people work with good people. All of our capacity is expanded if we don’t all have to know every client. 

—How do I bring in work? 

  • Small or big – you have to start somewhere, don’t limit yourself to pleasing your clients at all costs, focus on building partnerships not projects. 

  • We usually begin by “pitching” a client with you - we are famous for our decks and then once the clients agree to scope, we determine how the project is broken down. 

—Ok, but what do I get from this? 

  • Plans/pitches to bring on new clients 

  • All Invoicing

  • Creation of all Client Contracts

  • Mentorship and guidance – your success is our success 

  • GOODWORK portfolio 

  • Access to GOODWORK stable of designers, contractors, SEO etc 

  • GOODWORK email and unlimited drive 

  • Increase the value (AKA price) of your work 

  • A holistic approach to all clients and the ability to increase the scope of the projects 

—What are average turnaround times on project types? 

  • Branding- 1 month

  • Website - 1 month

  • Design - 1 week minimum

  • Social media strategy - 1 week minimum 

—At what point do you get the partners involved in a project? 

  • We want to be looped in, we love updates, feedback and all levels of being “looped in”. 

—What is the average dollar value an Associate should aim to bring in each month? 

  • It is a range but we usually see a range of $3000- $12,000/month - you tell us, how much do you want to make? 

—How do you task our projects that you are not as heavily involved in but your client wants? Ex. Your client wants video, and you only do photo or they just want design and you’re not a designer. 

  • At GOODWORK we can grow the scope of your projects and better deliver for your clients.

—How can I leverage the GOODWORK contractor roster for support with my projects? 

  • We like to encourage being good at 1-2 things and this means we can appeal to many different styles and clients. We have lots of creative contractors, connections and people who can accomplish anything we can dream up. 

Okay, that is a lot of info. Talk soon. :)