Logo/Branding Process

* this can be communicated to clients

Our Branding Process: Our approach to branding is the same as our approach to… well everything. We believe in asking a lot of questions (in case you missed that) upfront and sticking to a process.

  1. We present logo options in black and white - you have to love your logo in the most simple form

  2. We present colour options

  3. We present options of everything working together

  4. We create business cards and any other required design elements

  5. We create a brand guide that includes: logo, colors, typeface and logo use *this is always the last step after all of your design elements, website etc. is complete

Note: if at any phase we need to present more options, we do! We want you to love it and will present options until we get there. Another Note: we usually get it right the first time.